Integrated Systems

IES designs, supplies, and installs a wide variety of Observation and Information Systems of any level of complexity and for any application. We represent many state-of-the-art companies that complement our team in providing industry leading solutions to our customers.


Information Systems

  • Satellite-based Data Distribution Systems

  • Disaster Management Systems:

    • Flood

    • Avalanche

    • Cyclone Forecasting

  • Water Resource Management Systems


Observations Systems

  • Automated Weather Stations (AWS)

  • Airport Weather Observation Systems (AWOS)

  • Radiometer Observations: Microwave Radiometers for measurement of atmospheric profile: Temperature, humidity and liquid content

  • Wind Profilers: Radar Wind Profiler for measurement of wind speed and wind direction

  • Radars: Doppler Weather Radar including Dual Polarization, S-Band as well as C-Band, klystron-based as well as magnetron-based