Davis Instruments

Based in Hayward, California, Davis Instruments is a manufacturing company and developer of exceptional instruments for weather, agriculture, and marine use. Davis prides itself on innovative, high-quality products at reasonable prices. With 30 years of experience, Davis takes great pride in offering a range of weather stations that are designed to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability. Davis' line offers totally integrated weather stations with a versatile means of data acquisition.

As an example, the flagship Vantage Pro stations offer wireless reception of data in portable display units in the neighboring area of the stations, as far as 300 meters. This feature starts to operate virtually simultaneous to the start-up of measurements in the Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and is completely included in its delivery, requiring no additional components or infrastructure. With a very small additional investment, data can be downloaded manually and automatically to a LAN or a computer.

As an additional example, the professional Vantage Pro2 weather station measures barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, UV/solar and much more. Users can get highs and lows (and/or totals or averages) for virtually all weather variables for the past 24 days, months, or years, and their own local forecast—all either with or without a PC.

Davis' data management software for Windows or Mac provides numerous display screens, report generation options and straightforward configuration tools, and even an interface for creating a Web site and uploading the AWS data with amazing ease. With a very small subscription fee, data can be directly and automatically uploaded to Davis' Weatherlink network, making it available online and on mobile devices as already in use by thousands of private users, the NWS Citizen Weather Observer Program and the GLOBE Program for elementary and high schools. Additionally, specialized software modules from Davis are providing innovative and efficient monitoring, management and pest control tools for wine and fruit production and turf and agriculture irrigation systems

For additional information on Davis’ instruments, please visit www.davisnet.com