IES is proud to bring to Canada the latest technologies in Remote Sensing, Analysis & Weather Forecasting through the representation of state-of-the-art meteorological instrumentation companies. Not only do we represent these firms, but we act as a prime contractor and provide installation, training, support and post-maintenance support as well.

IES works with the following partners in India and Canada who are best in their field of equipment and services:

DeTect which provides Radar Wind Profilers.

Global Imaging for Satellite Ground Stations for geostationary and polar-orbiting environmental satellites.

Lufft, a top-class manufacturer in the production of state-of-the-art precision climate monitoring instruments, including low maintenance compact weather stations and intelligent sensors.

Radiometrics Corporation which manufactures atmospheric profiling radiometers; these radiometers provide continuous profiles of temperature, humidity and liquid content profile of the atmosphere up to 10 km.

Davis Instruments which manufacture economical weather monitoring systems, accessories and software, including dataloggers and sensors.

Weather Decision Technologies which provides decision support systems for Aviation, Nowcasting, Hydrology and Mesoscale forecasting.

EKO Instruments, a state-of-the-art manufacturer of specific measurement solutions for the solar energy market and for meteorological and environmental applications. EKO’s products include Pyranometers, Pyrheliometers, Spectroradiometers, UV Radiometers, Pyrgeometers / Net radiometers, Sunshine Duration Sensors, Sun Trackers, and Heat Flux Sensors

With the use of CRDS technology and the Picarro Processing Platform, Picarro's ultra-precise and easy-to-use portable gas concentration analyzers are simplifying the achievement of high-precision measurements related to natural gas, greenhouse gas emissions and the global carbon, water and nitrogen cycles, and the production specific, comprehensive and actionable environmental data at unprecedented speed and scale.

Over the years, Belfort Instrument products have been deployed in mission critical applications, in virtually all corners of the globe. They have been at the forefront of environmental measurement leading in the design and manufacturing of advanced environmental measurement systems.  Having celebrated its 125th anniversary, Belfort has extended its product line to serve a worldwide audience in the professional meteorology, aviation, maritime, and highway safety markets.

Optical Scientific, Inc. (OSI), a leader in Automated Weather Observation Systems (AWOS) and weather sensors, which work reliably for unattended field operations - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Why Partner with IES?

IES is a Canadian company with offices in Montreal and New Delhi. We are very strongly positioned in the field of meteorology, hydrology and related technology oriented products in India and in fact around the world with systems installed in 13 countries. IES Canada and IES India are staffed with high quality and experienced personnel. We have highly qualified System designers, developers and integrators. We purchase hardware and off-the-shelf software (when available) from other companies. Otherwise, we develop software ourselves. IES prides itself in long-standing relationships with our customers and potential customers.


IES is an integration and value added services company.  We execute most high value projects on a partnership basis with the partner companies where both companies share risks and rewards. IES provides the following services:

  • Educating Potential Customers about the systems/services/equipment that we market/sell

  • Marketing and sales for markets of interest to our customers

  • Act as protocol converters – deal with the partner company with North American protocol and with Indian customers with Indian protocol.  In other words, we take care of the local nuances

  • Assisting customers in preparing specifications

  • Assisting the partner company in System Design, Development and Customization

  • If required, finding other suitable partners (local and/or international) to provide additional products and services.  For example, purchase of towers, construction work, etc. is done by local partners

  • Purchasing those components which are available in India for a better cost to make the overall pricing very competitive

  • Development/Customization of software

  • System Integration and Testing in cooperation with our partners

  • Training with the assistance of our partners

  • First Line Warranty and after-Warranty support (AMC)


Our partners include: