Quality Management

IES’ Quality Management System (QMS) is registered as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2008. We provide concrete, practical, day-to-day implementation methodologies, techniques and solutions for employees and end-users involved in adherence to the following:

  1. Software Quality Management
  2. Test Management
  3. Problem and Change Management
  4. Business Process Engineering Methodologies
  5. Project Set-up & Monitoring
  6. 1. Software Quality Management

      ❏ Internal Audits
      ❏ Status Accounting
      ❏ Risk Management
      ❏ Requirements Management (Verification)
      ❏ Testing (Validation)
      ❏ Development of Internal Standards
      ❏ Quality Management System Standards

    2. Test Management

    We can perform the following in the area of testing:

      ❏ Establish test strategies and methodologies for hardware and software systems.
      ❏ Developing system integration and User Test Cases
      ❏ Building control, monitoring and training mechanisms and measurement metrics (for testing)
      ❏ Developing and implementing defect tracking not only related to product support lifecycle, but also to the testing life cycle stage.

    3. Problem and Change Management

    ❏ We implement and fine tune Change Management process projects involving  product development, testing, and support.

    4. Business Process Engineering Methodologies

    ❏ Development of methodologies for defining, measuring, tracking, and monitoring current business processes and assistance in the development of and proof of required new processes.

    ❏ Integration of various apparent independent processes into a seamless single business workflow. This includes process documentation, measurement metrics, employee training and implementation and process monitoring.

    5. Project Set-up & Monitoring

    ❏ All projects, especially large ones, require a strong base planning to ensure success. During the entire project, we provide constant monitoring of all processes including management of requirements, design, configuration, testing, and quality management system.

    ❏ We also offer independent assessments to ensure proper project definition, development, and execution.



QMS Diagram (click on graphic)

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